The Beastlords are the twelve most powerful ferals, each one representing their Species. The significant majority dis-like humans, but a few are impartial or outright help them. In game, each Beastlord weilds a scepter that grants them powers including transformation into a Battle Form.

Of the majority, their names are derived from the latin word of the animal they represent followed by Rex the latin word for king, e.g. Lupus Rex literally means Wolf King.

Ursa Rex (Bear)

Felis Rex (Cat)

Porcus Rex (Swine)

Lupus Rex (Wolf)

Rana Rex (Frog)

Serpens Rex (Serpent)

Aquila Rex (Eagle)

Pistris Rex (Shark)

Noctua Rex (Owl)

Elephas Rex (Elephant)

Lacertus Rex (Alligator)

(the twelth is unkown)

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