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Morute Āshera











Preferred weapon

Half-circular Greatsword

Morte Asherah (モルテ・ア
ーシェラMorute Āshera?, romanized as Morte Urshela in the anime adaptation)
is the female protagonist with a troubled past, who wields an enormous blade as her weapon. She is the older sister of Reve Asherah and is a member of the World Destruction Committee/World Annihilation Front. Morte is the Italian and Portuguese word for 'death'. In the anime, she holds the Destruct Code that could destroy the world if falls into the wrong hands. She's the initial member of the World Destruction Committee even though she doesn't like the name, she finds it useful. She makes a big deal about being only 16 years old, making her the youngest of the group, but gets furious at those that believe she is older than she is. She is gruff and hard to deal with by others and at multiple times tries to persuade Kyrie and Taupy to leave her. She does not care about ferals or humans, she just wants to end the world. (Japanese), Luci Christian (English).


Morte's primary weapon is a half-circular greatsword with a handle. Her weapon style is perfect for intimidating and hacking enemies into two. However, due to its heaviness and stupendous size, she can't make good chains. In fact, she has the least enough of hits even if you chained all of her flurries, it would be 7 hits.


In the Game-Edit

She is the less moral of the pack and all bark and bite!! Tomboyish in attitude, she is in love with Kyrie, only at the middle of the game. When she is aggravated, her greatswords curses at foes with its deadly blows and hacks. A member of the Sand Tribe like her childhood friend Agan, she is used to solitary life as a wanderer.

In the Anime-Edit

Clothing Trends and Body Traits Edit

Morte has green eyes and brown hair. She wears a pink, red and white tank top with red strings crossing diagonally and a white line over the belly button and breasts along with a purple/blue bow tie.Under it, Morte wears a red mini-skirt with white criss-cross of dirt. She wears red arm sleeves and white arm bracelets. On her left arm is a white arm guard or cast and that sleeve is the only one that covers her palm. Along her skirt is a pink cape that is maybe connected to her tank top. White thigh socks with a red line sliding in the middle traces to her red shoes with white heels.


What Morte lacks in chaining she makes up in her mind-blowing Blood and Life Skills.She holds skills that are more powerful versions of Taupy's Blood Skills, as in there she holds fire, water, and wind attacks just like him. However, her buffs only focus on her, so don't use her for buffing your group's stats. Her Finishing Attack is Massacre; in which she jumps and spins like a twister with her blade and jumps once again to slice the enemies in two if the bar is yellow. If the bar is blue, she absorbs power from the crescent moon and then spins.

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