Naja Gref

Naja Gref Anime portrait
Naja's appearance in anime

Naja Gref Game Portrait
Naja's appearance in game.

Naja Gref Manga
Naja's appearance in the manga.



Naja Gurefu








6'0" (1.82m)




Half-Blood (Human-Silverworlf)

Preferred weapon

Throwing Weapons

Naja Gref (ナジャ・グレフ, Naja Gurefu) is a half human half silverwolf Feral who is member of the World Salvation Committe but faces considerable prejudice and discrimination because of his half-human heritage. An intellectual, he always insists he is right, even when he clearly isn't. He is also extremely fond of his human mother.


Calm and smart. He's always stopping Lia from going crazy and shooting everyone. He usually makes mathematical calculations to try and figer out where The World Destruction Comitee is going to be.


He wields wind and fire wheel in battle in game and manga while in the anime did not appear to be able to use it.

In game is the second one with the lowest chain attacks, with only 9 (the first one being Morte with only 7).

In the anime, he is not a fighter but is never wrong in his calculations on where the World Destruction Committee is at.


Blood SkillsEdit

Name Description Ability
Outcry A war cry that stuns the enemy Stun
Cry Wolf A war cry that addles the enemy Addle
Cleasing Cry A war cry that cleanses the enemy Bash
Wild Shout Damage target with a shredding cry Critical

Life SkillsEdit

Name Description
Tears of Life Heal a little HP
War Cry Temporarily increase attack
Heartening Cry Revive and heal a little HP
Desesperate Cry Raise morale and increase agility

He also displayed the ability to transform for his special attack.


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